Hibernia’s certified professionals ensure the safe and complete removal of asbestos.
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Until the 1980s, asbestos was specified extensively for building and industrial applications. Since human exposure to asbestos fibers can lead to a variety of respiratory illnesses and cancers, asbestos is rarely utilized in modern day products and processes. Due to the hazardous nature of airborne asbestos fibers, many rigorous safety measures have been enacted by various local, municipal, state and federal agencies and legislatures to ensure that asbestos materials are removed without risk to health or safety.

Because removing asbestos materials is such a serious undertaking, we have taken great care to properly train our employees to remove asbestos from commercial, industrial, institutional, residential or other facilities or structures while strictly observing all mandated safety measures. However, this attention to quality does not mean that you will sacrifice the job being done on a timely basis. We also make every attempt to make the job as minimally disruptive as possible to your daily routine and operations.

Hibernia offers both commercial and residential inspection and abatement services.
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