Hibernia’s mold experts guarantee proper mold remediation the first time.

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mold-suitAre you concerned that you may have a mold problem?  Don’t feel like you are going at this alone. Our mold experts will help you to determine whether you will need pre-testing or if your problem is manageable enough to determine the measures necessary to correct the problem. The key to mold remediation is “source removal.” Do not let other contractors try to fool you with special chemical processes that will “kill” mold. Our goal is to educate you and not scare you into fixing your problem. The industry has specific American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved standards that must be followed to ensure proper remediation procedures. For peace of mind and documentation purposes, Hibernia recommends all owners have a third-party environmental consultant or industrial hygienist test the site. We also always recommend, at minimum, post-remediation Clearance testing.

Commercial Mold Remediation
Residential Mold Remediation

What causes mold?
Mold can grow in your home, crawlspace and sometimes even your attic. It generally starts from a high humidity problem or water intrusion. During an assessment, we will look for signs of water intrusion that may have contributed to the elevated mold condition. Our experts will offer suggestions on what actions to take to help remedy your problem.

Hibernia’s Guarantee:
Hibernia will guarantee that we will pass third-party testing by a third-party indoor environmental professional or we will re-remediate. Hibernia does not want the responsibility of remediation to be on the property owner.  Of course we cannot remediate what is not visible or what has not been addressed by the third-party IEP. Hibernia will provide a one-year guarantee on its mold remediation area.