Hibernia has the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your asbestos removal needs.

Exposure to asbestos fibers can lead to a variety of illnesses. If you are concerned about the possibility of your home containing asbestos, it’s important to have a certified asbestos inspector assess your home.

Listed below is the Hibernia asbestos inspection process.

  • The entire structure will be visually assessed for the presence of suspect asbestos containing material (ACM). Typical suspect material include the following: Roofing cement and mastic products, certain attic insulation, HVAC duct tape (white tape on seams), exterior cement board siding and cement-like furnace flue pipes (Transite), window caulk and widow glazing, floor tile and mastic, sheet flooring, drywall joint compound, wall plaster, pipe insulation, etc.
  • Samples of these materials will be collected and delivered to an environmental laboratory qualified to perform asbestos bulk analysis using polarized light microscopy (PLM) method in accordance with EPA Method 600/R-93/116.
  • Hibernia will generate an Asbestos Inspection Summary for the property, identifying the areas from which positive samples were collected, the type of ACM and the quantity of each ACM. The report will include conclusions and recommendations.

Once it’s determined that your home contains asbestos, you must have the hazardous material professionally removed. The removal of asbestos is a serious undertaking. That’s why it’s important to hire a contractor who can not only answer all of your questions, but will also provide you with the most resourceful and cost-effective solution to your asbestos removal needs.

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