Hibernia is the industry leader in commercial asbestos abatement.

Asbestos is dense, fine fiber used for insulation in a variety of building materials, such as vinyl flooring, ceiling tiles and roofing shingles. The greatest risk of exposure occurs when asbestos-containing building materials are disturbed during demolitions. This is one of the overwhelming reasons why a commercial building should be inspected for asbestos prior to renovation.

Removing and disposing of asbestos material safely from commercial, industrial and institutional facilities is a serious undertaking. Hibernia strictly observes all mandated safety measures. We also make every attempt to efficiently perform the job with minimal disruptions to your daily operations.

Dealing with hazardous waste materials requires a high level of trust by our customers. Our estimators pride themselves in providing absolute, detailed proposals upfront. Hibernia establishes a definitive scope of work and schedule with all our clients. This avoids any misunderstanding and mitigates the threat of dreaded change orders.

All clients are furnished with copies of our latest licenses, certifications, insurance certificates and bonding capacity. Our team is thorough. All asbestos supervisors and workers are certified and undergo annual refresher training. The crews are clearly identified by the green Hibernia attire and all company vehicles are clearly marked with the company logo and wrapping.

Hibernia is an industry leader in commercial asbestos inspection and abatement. We have the knowledge and resources to handle a commercial abatement project of any size and have worked with a long list of reputable clients. Reference our client list in the environmental, renovation and construction arenas.

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