Hibernia is committed to providing comprehensive “source removal.”

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Hibernia has the capacity and experience to manage your small to large sized remediation projects. We have worked with your local municipalities, hospitals, schools, educational facilities, and more to correct any of your mold remediation needs. Mold-2

Please contact Hibernia directly to share our long list of clients and projects.  We are sure that you will feel confident in working with a long-term Indoor Air Quality Professional.

Mold remediation is as follows:

  1. Setting up negative air and containment.
  2. Necessary removal of mold impacted building materials.
  3. HEPA vacuuming all surfaces.
  4. Necessary sanding of wood substrates.
  5. Application of hydrogen peroxide or fungicide.
  6. Re-HEPA vacuuming all surfaces.
  7. Application of clear anti-microbial protectant.
  8. 48 to 72 hour of air scrubbing prior to post testing.
  9. Inspection by your third-party Indoor Environmental Professional to ensure that your remediation has been a success.

Hibernia’s Guarantee:
Hibernia will guarantee that we will pass third-party testing by a third-party indoor environmental professional or we will re-remediate. Hibernia does not want the responsibility of remediation to be on the property owner. Of course we cannot remediate what is not visible or what has not been addressed by the third-party IEP. Hibernia will provide a one-year guarantee on its mold remediation area.

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